"because thou hast seen me,
thou hast believed;
blessed are they
that have not seen,
and yet have believed."
~ St John 20:29

While everyone is not intended to become professional psychics or intuitive counselors, development of these abilities allows a closer alignment with Spirit and provides essential growth elements to anyone's life.

Understanding Intuitive and Psychic Gifts

In essence, we are all divine beings connected to the universal consciousness, and are all capable of, and possess the "gifts" of intuitive and psychic abilities. Some individuals display more developed extrasensory perceptions, while others have a sense of “knowing” without any actual proof of knowing why. The most beneficial methods for enhancing our "psychic" or “intuitive” gifts are through ways that promote inner balance, meditation and disciplined spiritual practices.

Throughout history, psychic phenomenon has played a major role in many people's lives. In today's society, public media as well as Hollywood's portrayal of gifted psychics has evolved drastically and become more realistic. The overall attitude about psychics has changed considerably and throughout the world a definite shift toward its realization has begun. Psychic and intuitive practices are becoming more and more evident and accepted into the mainstream of society.

There are many different recognized forms of psychic and intuitive perceptions, as well as many different methods of predicting future events or gaining Divine wisdom from the Universal Consciousness. Perhaps the underlying key in defining these unique "gifts" is simply the realization that we are not just physical beings, but also spiritual beings living within an infinite universe filled with infinite possibilities and these gifts just may very well, elude explanation of science.

What is Intuitiveness and Intuition?

Intuitiveness is the "gift of insight" that comes from God, the Great Spirit, and Divine Universal Consciousness.

Intuition is the voice of the spirit and soul. It is heard through the calmness and peace we experience within our inner self. For centuries Spiritual Teachers, Mystics and Sages have believed that when we have a strong, clear intuitive connection, the understanding and Divine guidance we receive is always correct. Meditation and other spiritual practices can assist in enabling inner knowing and intuitive insight.

Webster's defines intuition as "quick and ready insight" and "the act or process of coming to direct knowledge without reasoning or inferring." It is derived from the Latin word "intueri" which means, "to see within."

Psychologist, Carl Jung refers to intuition as, " of the four basic psychological functions, along with thinking, feeling, and sensation..." and further explains that intuition is the function that "...explores the unknown and senses possibilities and implications which may not be readily apparent..." Intuition is more commonly defined as a way of "knowing" and of "sensing" without explanations.


The most common extrasensory psychic perception abilities:

Clairvoyance (clear vision)
A Clairvoyant individual receives psychic impressions with a highly sensitive sense of inner sight through the mind’s eye. These types images are not visible to the naked eye and usually flash into the psychic or medium’s mind. They can include images such as symbols, objects, colors, people, scenes, auras, chakra energy centers, angelic beings and spirits. A Clairvoyant may also possess the ability to visually see imbalances or dis-eases within the physical body.

Clairaudience (clear hearing)
A Clairaudient individual receives psychic impressions by highly sensitized ear perception. The impressions are beyond a normal frequency range and are heard as sounds, music and messages from spirit voices that vibrate on a higher frequency level. Sometimes clairaudience is also accompanied with the ability to hear the thoughts of others with whom they are spiritually connected through mental telepathy.

Clairsentience (clear feeling)
A Clairsentient individual receives psychic impressions through feelings from their emotional bodies. When an angelic being or spirit is present, a feeling or keen awareness is perceived and emotions and empathetic feelings can be relayed through the impressions. A Clairsentient may also possess the ability to sense or feel imbalances or dis-eases within the physical body.

Claircognizance (clear thinking)
A Claircognizant individual receives psychic impressions such as precognition, inspirational thoughts, impressions, complete ideas, or an inner knowingness. These types of impressions can also be displayed through inspirational speaking, writing and all types of creative arts.

Clairgustance (clear tasting)
A Clairgustant individual receives psychic impressions from spirit which relate to or gives information about the essence of a substance through the sensations of taste.

Clairscentency (clear smelling)
A Clairscentant individual receives psychic impressions through the ability of keen smell and are able to smell scents that are not physically present. Psychic smells are often related to spirit presences who projects colognes, perfumes or other scents that bring thoughts of a loved one to mind. The psychic ability of smell can also result in the knowledge of pre-existing rain or storm related weather occurrences.

Clairtangency (clear touching)
A Clairtangent individual receives psychic impressions about an article, its history or owner through the palms of the hands by touching an area or by holding an object. This ability is also more commonly known and referred to as Psychometry.

Clairempathy (clear emotion)
A Clairempathic individual physically senses or feels within his or her self the emotions or attitudes of another person either here in the physical world or in the sprit world.

Other aspects of extrasensory psychic perception:

An Empathic individual has the ability to experience the feelings of another. In cases of keen sensitivity, a person will actually feel the physical pain and or emotions of others as if they were experiencing themselves.


A Telepathic person receives communication by one mind sending messages or impressions to another without the use of words.

Someone who possesses the ability of Precognition can accurately predict future events by receiving precognitive messages and images through meditation, visions and in dreams.


In psychometry a person holds an object belonging to another and receives impressions either about the object itself or about the person in which it belongs.

Psycho Kinesis

A person with psycho kinesis abilities uses their mental energy to influence an object or event.


A well-known form of physical psychic ability is channeling. Channeling is performed by psychic individuals whose physical thought and speech patterns are transformed into spirit and or angelic beings to relay specific messages or prophecies.

Spiritual Energy Healing

Another form of physical psychic abilities is spiritual energy healing. Healing energy from the spirit world is transferred through the psychic’s physical body to another individuals body to promote healing of both the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body.

Spirit Photography

In many cases through history, exact replicas of deceased people have appeared on photographs. Whitish spots, misty substances, lights and other spirit-like entities have also been known to appear on photographs.


Another “physical” form of psychic abilities are found in highly sensitive individuals with abundant amounts of “ectoplasm” development. Ectoplasm is from the Greek word: ektos, meaning “outside” or “external”, and plasma, meaning “something molded or formed.” Ectoplasm is found in most people and especially evident in psychics. An extremely light sensitive substance, odorless, colorless, and can appear as a gas, liquid or cheesecloth-like substance. The ectoplasm phenomena was discovered by Dr. Charles Richet, a French professor of physiology, after viewing a “misty substance” emanating from the bodies of several psychics. In this particular physical form, ectoplasm can materialize in the form of spirit entities or in artificial voice boxes where the spirit’s voice is projected by the psychic he has made contact with.

Physical materialization in the form of an “apport” is a phenomenon where various objects such as flowers, coins, jewelry appear in the physical world from what is believed to be the spirit world. A common phrase is "...pennies from heaven..."


Additional psychic and intuitive perceptions which incorporate divining methods:

Pendulum Divining
A pendulum is a weight, made of wood, metal, glass, or crystal suspended on the end of a cord or chain. When asked a "yes" or "no" type question, it swings uniquely in the direction of the user for which the question is being interpreting. The pendulum's movements are in accordance with the user. For example, one user's "yes" answer might reflect a side to side motion, while another user's could be a back and forth motion, a clockwise rotation, or a counter-clockwise rotation. The same applies to the user's "no" answer.

The pendulum is often used as a tool for spiritual inquiries, and for determining imbalances in the chakra and aura energy sytems.

Traditional dowsers used a forked rod of hazel or apple wood. Various other types of dowsing rods are also used, such as laminated woods, nylon, metals in the shape of "Y" and "L" shaped rods.

Dowsing is used in the search of underground water, ley lines, and to locate points of negative and positive energies. Dowsing is also commonly used in space clearing.

Oracle and Tarot Cards
The use of cards has been widely regarded as a method of divination. Many methods are used when conducting a reading. One method lays out three cards to symbolize past, present and future. Another method is where one card is drawn to represent the "focus of the day", or "guidance at hand" for a specific issue.

The Norse people consulted the rune stones for divination purposes. Most modern day rune sets consist of twenty-five stones, one for each of the twenty-four letters of the runic alphabet and a single blank stone. There are a number of ways to use the stones. First an issue or question is presented, then a single stone may be drawn, or they are laid out in one of a number of patterns or thrown to the ground. The appearing stone symbols are then interpreted to reveal guidance for the issue or question.

Water Scrying
Water has been used for centuries in gaining insight. Various methods are used such as bodies of water, or water in a clear glass. The person in quest gazes into the water while focusing on a specific issue or question in which guidance is pursued; visions or images are then projected from the water.

Crystal Ball Gazing
Traditionally crystal balls were made from clear crystal quartz. In it's practice, predictions of the future are made by interpreting shapes, figures, patterns and colors revealed. Crystal balls are also used to thin the veil between the physical and spirit world in sending and receiving communication.

Tea Leaf Reading
The practice of "tea-leaf reading" is also known as tasseomancy. It involves interpreting the patterns of remaining tea leaves in a tea cup. Within the tea-leaf patterns futuristic events are revealed by the interpreter.

In numerology, the birth name and or birth date is assigned numbers and reduced to arrive at a single digit, thus representing a person's "number." The number is then interpreted for a better understanding of the overall person and life patterns.

The use of astrology was first developed by the Chaldeans. It is the ancient practice of predicting future events by studying the position and movement of the sun, moon, planets, and stars. The basic premise of astrological systems is that the universe is a unified whole in which all parts influence and affect each other.

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In conclusion, and from my extensive research, I have learned immensely and have discovered many different spiritual and mystical traditions within the world. It is my prayer that by and through Spirit, we all are guided in love and wisdom on this ever-evolving journey, called life.

With love and blessings,
Pamela Nine


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