A complete description Pamela’s services are listed in and may be purchased in Pamela’s Online Store.

For additional information about appointments with Pamela, please read the following.

Types of Counseling Sessions Available:

Pamela offers Intuitive, Grief and Spiritual Counseling through personal, telephone and group sessions.

Business Consulting Services Available:
Pamela offers Business Consulting for high profile corporations as well as small businesses.

Scheduling Session Appointments:
To schedule a session appointment with Pamela, please contact Nine Wellness at 865-531-9086, by email, or visit: Pamela’s Online Store.

Accepted Session Payments:
Sessions may be purchased through Pamela’s Online Store with credit card or Paypal and by contacting Nine Wellness at 865-531-9086 for processing Visa or Master Card transactions by telephone. Cash and local checks are also accepted.

Telephone clients may make session payment arrangements with Pamela to mail a prior appointment cashier’s check in U.S. Funds made payable to: Pamela Nine.

Session Appointments Availability:
Pamela is already scheduling appointments for 2018. However, she does not book her schedule up completely to also allow for new and returning client appointments and which can usually occur within 1-4 weeks depending on her available appointment times.

Session Appointment Preparation Recommendation:
Counseling session clients are encouraged to prepare a list of questions relating to personal or professional areas of concern or inquiry to go over during the scheduled appointment time. Clients are also welcome to bring 2-3 photographs of anyone (living or crossed over) they would like for Pamela to look at during the session.

Session Notes and Recordings:
At the conclusion of all session appointments, clients will receive (in person or by mail) all notes and drawings done by Pamela during their session.

Personal and Group Session Clients who would like to have an audio recording of their session are welcome to record the session on their telephone recorder or personally owned micro or digital recording device.

Telephone and Skype Session Clients who would like to have an audio recording of their session are responsible for making their own personal audio recording arrangements.

Video recordings are not allowed.

Late Appointment Policies:
Clients scheduled for personal and group sessions are asked to arrive promptly at the time of the scheduled counseling session appointment.

Telephone and Skype Session Clients are asked to be available for Pamela’s call promptly at the time of the scheduled counseling session appointment.

In the event a scheduled client arrives up to fifteen minutes late for a personal or group session appointment, the amount of time in which they are late will be deducted from their session and the session fee will not reflect the deduction.

If a client arrives fifteen minutes or more late for a personal or group session appointment, or is unavailable for a telephone or Skype session appointment, the appointment will be re-scheduled for another time.

Appointment Cancellation and Late Policies:
Due to Pamela’s appointment calendar being booked in advance, she keeps an appointment waiting list and asks for the courtesy of any cancellations to be done with at least a 24 hour advance notice. Any appointment cancellations made without a 24 hour advance notice may be subject to a $25.00 Cancellation Fee.

Refund Policy:
All sales are final. Refunds, credits, transfers or exchanges are not issued or available on sessions, services, gift certificates, products, apprenticeship programs, educational programs, courses, seminars, classes and or workshops.

Client Testimonials:
To read comments and letters of clients who have come to Pamela for assistance over the many years of her professional career, visit the page for: Testimonials.