Pamela Nine has been interviewed and featured in the United States and International press numerous times, made guest appearances on television and radio broadcasts nationwide. Pamela received the coveted “Extraordinary Woman” award for her talents and giving back to the community, and is publicized nationally as a “Messenger of Spirit” and “One of the most gifted Psychics and Mediums in America.”

A complete Press and Media Kit for Pamela Nine containing Biography, Testimonials and Images is available on the page: Press & Media Kit.

The following is a listing of some of Pamela’s guest radio and television appearances:

• Mike Spirit FM (UK) Radio Show with Host, Mike Davies
• The Clear Vibration Radio Show with Host, Joe Rumbolo
• Visions CBS Psychic Radio Show with Host, Barbara Mackey
• Kris Allen’s Monster Theater World Wide Radio Show with Host, Kris Allen
• Wings of Love Radio Show with Host, Allie Cheslick
• The Golden Age Psychic Radio Show with Host, Andrew Aloha
• WIMZ 103.5 Radio Show with Host, Billy Kidd
• Crystal Clear Speaks Radio Show with Host, Joe Rumbolo
• Think Again Radio Show with Host, John Hodge
• Clear Source Radio with Host, Ronald Reeder
• Spiritual Broadcasting Network TV
• New Age Paradigm on CTV Channel 12 TV
• Health, Energy and Awareness on CTV Channel 12 TV
• Live at Five on WBIR Channel 10 TV
• Style on WBIR Channel 10 TV

A collective collage of some of Pamela’s press articles, interviews, and magazine feature stories: