The Reiki Certified Classes taught by Pamela Nine are in the Traditional “Usui System of Natural Healing” format. Pamela effectively utilizes over thirty years of professional experience in natural and alternative wellness therapies, combined with ICRT guidelines in her methods for teaching Reiki. Her classes are held in small group forums to ensure personalized and hands-on training.

Reiki Certified Classes are for anyone who is interested in learning natural healing techniques for self treatments or for providing treatments to others.

Through taking a Reiki class and in receiving an attunement into Reiki, you also become connected to a group of people worldwide who are using this divinely guided healing energy to heal themselves, each other, and who are working together to send out positive energies to heal our earth.

The learning or treatment use of Reiki is not based on any belief system, religious affiliation, level of spiritual development or dependent on one’s intellectual capacity. It is simply available to everyone, and has been successfully learned by thousands of people of all ages and backgrounds worldwide.

Reiki is not taught through the conventional meaning of the word, its use and techniques are taught while the actual energy of Reiki is transferred to others by a Reiki Master through an intricate and spiritual attunement process.

Within the Traditional Usui Reiki system, also known as “Usui Shiki Ryoho” there are different levels or degrees of energy one can obtain through learning this ancient Japanese art of natural healing.