All Sales:
By and through any order and/or purchase transaction made through Pamela Nine (PN), Nine Wellness (NW) and/or Pamela Nine – Nine Wellness (PN-NW), including this website and Pamela’s Online Store, you are also agreeing to the complete Policies and/or Terms and Conditions of this website and any purchase made from or related to.

Credit Card Sales:
Credit Card Transactions made to PN – NW may be subject to a processing fee of 5%.

All sales are final. Refunds, credits, transfers or exchanges are not issued or available on gift certificates, products, services, sessions, apprenticeship programs, educational programs, courses, seminars, classes and or workshops.

Purchase Transactions:
Please allow up to 48 hours (or more in rare cases) for completion of any purchase transaction and/or order processing made through Pamela Nine, Nine Wellness and/or Pamela’s Online Store.

Online Course Distribution:
Upon ordering, purchase transaction and order processing completion (which takes up to 48 hours or more in rare cases) your online course (including any and all lessons thereof) will be made available by direct email distribution and or by accessing a link to a secured area of this website. Clear and precise instructions will be provided to you by email for accessing all secured link areas of this website. If you do not receive notification by email (after 48 hours of the date of order) for the distribution process of your purchased online course, please contact Pamela Nine.

Damaged Products:
All purchased products are inspected prior to shipping. If any customer received product is damaged as a result of shipping, a shipment damage claim must be filed with the relevant shipping company by the recipient customer upon receipt of the product.