This page is dedicated to the many people that have touched Pamela’s life in amazing and memorable ways. She keeps a special album filled with the heart-felt comments and letters from those she has helped over the years. Included here are a few she has received. If you would like to submit a testimonial, please fill out the form included on this page.

“I have known Pamela for nearly fifteen years. She is a kind, loving and very humble person with very special psychic abilities. She has provided amazingly accurate, time proven guidance to me and my family on many different topics including health, marriage, children, deaths and careers. From our very first session I have continually been amazed with her ability to connect with family members that have passed providing very accurate information about them and passing their messages to me.

What I like best about Pamela is that she clearly has dedicated her God-given abilities to provide spiritual guidance and support to others. I am very fortunate to have her as a trusted guide as I travel my life’s path.”
– Ron Johnson, Knoxville, TN / Williamsburg, VA
Executive Partner, Raymond A. Mason School of Business, William & Mary
Former Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer, Scripps Networks Interactive

Ron Johnson

“On August 14th, 2012, my world was shattered when my beautiful 16 year old daughter was hit and killed by an impaired driver on her way home from school. In my grief, and desperation to talk with her and know she was OK, I had a session with a “medium” who had everything, and I do mean EVERYTHING, wrong.

I had reached out to Pamela prior to this, and when she contacted me back to make an appointment, I told her I would rather not. I was afraid it would make things even worse if I got incorrect information again. At Pamela’s urging, I came to see her. I cried the entire way to that first visit. I talked to my daughter Amelia, and I told her if Pamela got butterfly cake, I would know she was real. When Amelia was 6 years old, I spent all night making her a butterfly birthday cake from scratch. It was one of our favorite memories, and something that was just between us. There is no way Pamela could have known this.

I arrived at Pamela’s home a nervous wreck and so anxious to hear from Amelia and find out she was OK, but scared to death it wouldn’t happen. Pamela instantly made me feel at ease. She told me things that no one could have known. Most importantly she told me Amelia was OK. She had names , specific names not just letters. She described things that had happened. She was even able to describe what happened in the wreck.

When I was getting ready to leave, Pamela asked if I had any other questions. I told her there was one thing I was hoping to hear, but I guessed it wasn’t going to come through. At that point, I had so many affirmations that I truly believed it was Amelia coming through. Pamela closed her eyes and described a children’s birthday party, bubbles, and butterflies. Then she said Amelia had cake all over her. She opened her eyes and asked if I made Amelia a butterfly cake.

Losing a child is the hardest thing in the world, the most painful experience you can go through. I would say that seeing Pamela over these months has helped me at least stay sane. It has helped me to connect with Amelia and know that she is not gone, she is here in a different way. The tears still fall, and the hurt is still there. However, knowing she is OK and not hurt or in pain and that she will be there for me when it’s my time to go is a great comfort and what gets me through my days.

I now see Pamela for myself, through her spiritual apprenticeship program. Through this I am learning to connect with Amelia myself. I trust her and think of her as a friend. I am also in counseling, but I find my sessions with Pamela much more healing than therapy. I come away with every session with a sense of peace and calm. Sometimes it lasts a day or so, and sometimes a week, but it is well worth it. I grew up believing in the afterlife, believing in mediums and that when we die we are still here. Having my child die made me question everything, but my core beliefs are still there.

I know there are many mediums out there that are just after the $$ and they are not real. With Pamela, there is a true concern for her clients to help them heal and get through. I chose to come back to her over and over not because of her urging but because of the way I feel when I leave our sessions. She has never once pushed me to come back or to do more. With that, I will be forever thankful that she recognized the pain I was in and cared enough to help me through this.”
– Amanda Moore, Knoxville, TN / Land O’ Lakes, FL

Amanda Moore

“As host of the Think Again radio show, I was fortunate to have Pamela as a guest on four occasions and she was among my most popular guests, consistently impressing callers with her accurate readings and messages from loved ones. I also hosted several seminars featuring psychic mediums and clairvoyants, and Pamela’s appointment calendar was full from open to close throughout each two-and three-day seminar. I received many compliments from those who sat with her and she has retained many of those first timers as clients over the last ten years.”
– John Hodge
President, Desert Dog Media and former host of Think Again (Radio)

John Hodge

“Pamela is the most gifted psychic and medium I have ever seen! I had my first reading with Pamela in 2010. The accuracy of the information she gave me both in the psychic information and mediumship reading regarding my loved ones was like nothing I’ve ever experienced. The accuracy of the names of people in my life now and those who have passed left me stunned! (How do you pull the name “Gladys” out of a hat!)

The messages that I received through Pamela from my mom, my grandmother, and those dear to me who have passed were so comforting . . . messages which came through, that only my loved ones would say and things only they would know about.

Pamela is absolutely astounding! She told me things that I thought were not possible in my life, yet down the road they always happen! I have had many readings with Pamela both on the phone and in person when she came to Canada for events. Whether you are sitting in front of her or on the phone thousands of miles away, her messages are clearly coming from spirit.

She has guided me through several difficult situations and she always leaves me feeling confident in my future. Her sweet calming voice puts you at ease instantly. She is truly a very gifted psychic and medium and I highly recommend her to anyone! I am now registered for her spiritual apprenticeship program. If you have ever wanted a psychic medium reading, Pamela Nine is by far the most intuitive person I have ever had a reading from!

I have also had the privilege of booking Pamela for private yearly events here in Canada from 2011 to 2016. Her events book up within days of the announcement and she always leaves everyone she reads speechless! I look forward to her coming to Canada again!”
– JoAnne Stiers, Windsor, Ontario, Canada

JoAnne Stiers

“On November 18, 2015, I made an appointment and visited Pamela, there were so many things I wanted to know about, specifically 1) about my brother’s passing and 2) if my daughter and her family would be relocated out of state due to my son-in-laws job. The moving out of state had been sorta ‘up in the air’.

My reading from Pamela was amazing. Even though I knew how my brother’s passing took place, she told me exactly what happened and how. My brother and I had a mutual friend for many, many years. He and she stayed in contact from a teenager up through his 40’s I suppose. Pamela asked me at my visit about the name Susan…it had been so many years since I had talked to Susan that she didn’t enter my mind at the time…here I am three months later, last Friday night, I had gone by the grocery store before coming in for the evening. I came in, took off my coat and started to put groceries away, but first I checked my caller ID….OMG there was a missed call from our old friend Susan Tucker. At the time it still had not dawned on me, I wasn’t even thinking about my conversation with Pamela until later in my conversation with Susan. I was telling her (Susan) about my visit with Pamela and some the things she had touched on concerning my brother. The next morning, I went to the laundry room to throw some clothes in the dryer and it hit me, I went and grabbed the piece of paper that Pamela had written her notes on and there it was where she had written Susan’s name down three times. Wow, the amazing feeling you have when you get validation.

After reviewing her notes, I also see where she had written down (and told me) that my daughter and her family would be relocating in March or May of this year. My son-in-law had taken the offer and here it is February and on March 4th they will be closing on their house and moving mid March.

My visit with Pamela was such an amazing experience. She is so in touch with the other side and such a lovely lady. I will be going back to see her again”
– Joy Lloyd, Knoxville, TN

Joy Lloyd

“I have seen Ms. Nine off and on since our initial meeting, most recently about one time per month. She has given me a lot of insight regarding different aspects of my life, as well as my husband, and kids. I have talked in length about my father who has passed, a selling of a home, buying a new home, and health related questions.

We were having troubles with the sale of our home. The Realtor we had was not working out and we felt stuck. She wasn’t showing our house, she wasn’t advertising our house, she wouldn’t answer phone calls, and it was a horrible situation. Through the information we received from Pamela we changed Realtors, we made changes to the house, we lowered the price, and we followed the advice to a T and sold our home within NINE days!!!

We had some questions regarding some land we wanted to purchase, so we talked to Pamela about the concerns. We had an ongoing contract, but because of some restrictions were out of hope to make this land work. She told us that we should offer less money, so we did. The owner accepted. We were also told that there shouldn’t be any foreseeable problems with any restrictions on the property. Thanks to Pamela we have the land we wanted.

My husband was working in a job that he hated to go to everyday. On one of our meetings with Ms. Nine we discussed his career paths. We were told that he would be offered a better job with better benefits and better money. Also, he would be a lot happier at this job. Within a few months he was offered a better opportunity and was quitting his old job. He has never been happier!!!!!

Any time that I have a life changing question in my life, I will always consult with Ms. Nine.”
– Jamie Williams, Knoxville, TN

Jamie Williams

” My life seemed to be standing still. I was in physical pain daily. I was fearful and unsure of my place in life. I was distraught over the losses I had suffered. I was at a crossroads. Pamela simply cured me and gave me back the freedom I once had over my life. I am now in control of my health once again, along with my finances and my life’s path. I feel divine flow; I am living divine flow! I urge any of you considering the services of Pamela to jump in with both feet. Just after one session she has cleaned and lifted my spirit and I know he will do the same for you. She provided information from my father, who passed almost five years ago, with such clarity that it was pleasantly numbing and all of it was validated. I know that I have struggles ahead, but I also know that I am surrounded by spirits of loved ones to guide me through those times. I live, no longer in fear of my obstacles, but with excitement knowing that they will pass. Pamela was intensely passionate and patient with my concerns and I will return routinely for her loving and distinctly accurate advice and counsel. ”
– Ashley Fine, Knoxville, TN

Ashley Fine

“Pamela Nine is an amazing Spirit. I could go on talking about her commitment to making sure I fully understood all aspects of her Personal Spiritual Apprenticeship Program or about her genuine desire that I access all that is available to me through my intuitive abilities, but it will still come down to the fact she is an incredibly kind, loving Spirit who gives of herself through her gifts that we might see and acknowledge the gifts with which we have been blessed. I count among my many blessings getting to know and work with Pamela.”
– Jim Phillips, Aldie, VA

Jim Phillips

“After my husband died unexpectedly, my heart was broken and I was so distraught.  Ten months into mourning I came to a point where I needed more than the comfort of family and friends.  I needed to understand what was going on with my mind, my life and how in the world I was going to make it through the rest of my life without my beloved husband.  I prayerfully went through the Internet and found Pamela.  She told me he had been around her during her meditation that day and he was so excited to be able to “talk” with me.  We had the most incredible session.  She told me he was spending his time trying to get me out of this terrible depression and to get me into life again.  That is so much the way my husband was.  I went back five days later with more questions.  I’ll continue to go to Pamela.  She has a God given gift.  I feel so comfortable with her.  She is so warm and a joy to be with.  I’ll never be able to thank her enough for helping me during such a difficult time in my life.”
– Janie Ryan, Knoxville, TN

Janie Ryan

“I was at a dead end in my life, or so it seemed and I remembered seeing an article about Pamela and decided to schedule an appointment with her. I had no idea what to expect and admit I was a bit skeptical. Pamela made me feel welcomed and comfortable right away. She helped me see things through different eyes. She knew things she couldn’t have possibly known. I treasure every minute of the time she spent with me and how genuine and caring she really is. I will see her again and would encourage others to see her as well!”
– Susan Gray, Gainesville, GA

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Susan Gray

“My session with Pamela was incredible. I truly believe that intuitive guidance can elevate your life to a whole new level. Pamela was very accurate with the information she gave me and came through with what I needed to hear to help me move on in my life. I would recommend Pamela to anyone wanting to reconnect with a loved one that has crossed over or to just receive spiritual guidance.”
– Mary Denton, Knoxville, TN

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Mary Denton

“A few years ago I began the “search” many of us ultimately go through: trying to find peace, fulfillment and direction in life. I delved into many esoteric healings and teachings with a wide variety of people. It was only Pamela that brought me to the truth that all I need is already within me, not outside of me. That’s a simple but deeply profound lesson that she, with her compassion, patience and astounding skills, was able to truly open me to. It’s perhaps the biggest gift anyone has ever given me.”

“Pamela is now the only person I will go to for readings and counseling, because there remains no doubt in my mind that her abilities are to be ultimately trusted. She has always pointed me in the right direction on career, relationships and finances. Time has proven that she has never been off the mark. Her gentle assistance has also been remarkably astute and accurate regarding information from and about family members that have passed on, signs and signals to watch for, what my strengths and challenges are at any particular time, and more. Pamela is definitely “tuned in” to things the rest of us let pass by.”

I strongly recommend that you allow yourself the privilege of meeting Pamela. Go skeptical, if you have to, but go. You’ll quickly find it to be one of the most enlightening and exciting experiences of your life!”
– Coby Gordon, Knoxville, TN

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Coby Gordon

“The first time I met Pamela was at a Reiki Class which was instructed by her. She is a wonderful teacher. She gives off so much love and warmth, you feel very at ease. You can see how much she believes in and loves the work she was destined to do, this makes it very easy to learn from her. Several months after the class I went to see Pamela for some spiritual guidance. I was a little apprehensive not knowing what to expect. It truly amazed me that she knew the names of my loved ones who are passed over, and also things which only they would have known. She helped me realize that I was on the right path and helped bring awareness to things I was not paying attention to. She helped me embrace the things about me that I thought most people would think was “weird or different”. I have had several visits with her since then. She is a remarkable spiritual guide who has helped me open up more with each visit. I look forward to seeing her again soon as well as attending more of her classes.”
– Sheri Bostic, Knoxville, TN

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Sheri Bostic

“Pamela is who I see when I have questions that need higher interpretation. She hits the nail on the head every time. In the time I have known her we have become good friends and although the miles separate us, I will gladly make the trip to visit with her for spiritual guidance. Her love shines through with every visit. She answers all that you ask and then some. Pamela is truly an earth angel.”
– Deb Emery, Knoxville, TN

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Deb Emery

“From the first reading I received from Pamela I knew she was the real deal! She told me things she had no way of knowing before hand and it was done in a very loving and nurturing way. Her advice is given in such  a caring way and helps you move forward on your spiritual journey. I have since had several sessions and have recommended her to others, as a caring and True Psychic. She has truly been blessed with a gift.”
– Cindy Poston, Knoxville, TN

Cindy Poston

“I first met Pamela about 5 years ago. I was going thru a difficult time in my life and felt that I needed some direction. I had just gone through a divorce after a 16 year marriage. I had never sought out psychic guidance before because honestly, it scared me a little. I had read an article about Pamela in a local magazine, had saved it in my nightstand for several years and had forgotten all about it. After I had moved to my new home, I came across the article and had a strong urging to make an appointment for intuitive counseling with Pamela. There was just something that drew me to her.”

“I was very nervous about going to see Pamela. As a Christian, I didn’t want to be involved with anyone or anything that wasn’t of God. As soon as I met her, I was immediately at ease and felt as if I was on sacred ground. The first thing she told me was that she’d dreamed about me and saw the name ‘Joe’ and a house changing and asked if that meant anything to me. Well, that was my ex-husband’s name and I’d just moved out of my house! She was very detailed with the reading, including names and dates. She also connected me with my grandmother, who had passed away. A few days after my grandmother had died, I felt like she visited me. I had not told anyone about this because it just sounded so crazy! But Pamela, without any prompting from me, verified details that only I knew such as “she came around on your left side while you were feeding your baby”. It was very reassuring to know that my grandmother was still around me and that I hadn’t imagined the experience.”

“Over the past 5 years, Pamela has guided me with my children, dealing with their father and his recent remarriage. Pamela has also helped guide my decisions regarding two career changes which have both turned out to be positive advances. I trust her advice and feel she always has my best interest at heart. She has a God-given talent and is very humble about her gift. I have recommended Pamela to several of my friends who have also left feeling uplifted and divinely guided. I have a feeling she will continue to be a positive influence in my life for years to come!”
– Elaine Anderson, Knoxville, TN

Elaine Anderson

“Pamela gave me the most rewarding grief counseling session I ever dreamed of having! Not only did she help me with issues in my present life, she was able to make contact with both of my parents who passed away when I was 16 years old. Pamela did not know anything about me, nor did she know my parents were deceased! My very first session with Pamela was several years ago and I have been a devoted client ever since!”
– Linda Davis, Knoxville, TN

Linda Davis

“Divine guidance is a necessary ingredient in our daily lives. It comes in many forms, some subtle and some brilliantly obvious. In my experience, divine guidance is particularly obvious and special when it arrives through another loving, caring human being. Pamela Nine is one such humble vessel. She has dedicated her life’s work to God, and the Great Spirit works through her, delivering love, healing, and guidance to those in need.”
– Karman Gossett, Knoxville, TN

Karman Gossett

“My experience with Pamela truly left me speechless. I recently lost a very special person to me, she helped me reconnect me with him and answer some questions that have been constantly on my mind. Not only was she able to look into my relationship with him, but she was able to look into what my future might hold. She was spot on about some details in my life, how she knew these things left me with no words, she is so gifted. This was my first time going to see Pamela, and just from the hour we spent with each other I could tell she was such a loving and caring person. I felt completely comfortable with her and I left with a feeling of peace that I never would have felt if I hadn’t gone to see her. I would recommend her to anyone!”
– Anna Underdown, Knoxville, TN

Anna Underdown

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